Beln, Gellborn officer aboard a red dragonship has reached the near-peak of her career.

But ordered to pursue a rare, wild dragon by her sadistic captain, Beln is torn between those loyalties bred into her and those grown anew for her ship’s mount.

During horrific havoc among his fellow gunners, a Gellborn family failure acts on the sudden realization that his heritage is far worse than the beast his uncle hunts.

Two Gellborn. Two dragons. One decision.

Him, or them?


Firstly a big thank you to J.P. Ashman for sending me an arc copy of this book for review.

When I go looking to buy a book and I discover a book that has dragons in them I am all but sold as I have always loved dragons, some might say that having dragons in fantasy books has become quite a big trope in fantasy over the years and possible a bit cliche but I for one love it because not all books have the use them in the same manner.

So as soon as I heard J.P. Ashman’s new short story Dragonship had dragons in I knew I had have to it and this became even more so apparent when I seen the cover as this is the kind of cover that would certainly want to make me pick it up if I seen it in a shop.

Dragonship takes the tried and tested use of dragons in books and does something in my eyes that is certainly a unique and intriguing perspective as it allows us to see how dragons react in these situations and I think the setting used only enhances this as it allows the reader to experience it from the perspective of a crew and not just one or two people.

Short stories can be hard to get into as you only have so much to read so they writer has to be very careful as to how the write the story since they will want to grab the reader from the outset. J.P. Ashman does this with flare and style as he quickly pulls you into the action and makes you want to never let go. I usually like to read short stories in at least 2 sittings so I can digest the story and world slightly so I can better understand it. This was not the case with Dragonship because as soon as I started reading it I did not want to put it down.

This short story may only be 30 pays but J.P. Ashman gives his story with more heart and soul than some of the other books I have read in the past. Not only is the action intense and gripping but he still makes you feel emotionally empathetic towards the crew.

When I finished Dragonship I wished I was able to read more stories from this world as it truly grips you from start to finish as well as crafting a great new age story for dragons. Whether you like the idea of dragons in fantasy books or not I would still highly recommend you read this short story, J.P. Ashman has created a beautiful and fantastical tale of dragonic proportions that it wont let you go until you have it finished.


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