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Before I start on this article I am going to say that this article is going to focus on a very sore subject for some people and it will be somewhat of a rant for me so if you are not in the mood to read a rant then please avert your eyes and return when normal submission returns (next review).

Over the last number of years I have noticed an increasingly amount of people who have started reading the new big time authors such as Sanderson, Rothfuss, Martin and Lynch etc, but unfortunately with this they are liable to face a higher amount of back lash for not getting their book sequels written quicker.

This is not just focused within the authors I have mentioned above but others, I have noticed now more than ever that authors are wanting to pace themselves when it comes to writing and write when it becomes more naturally to them instead of forcing themselves to do it and producing something they are unhappy with. This can occur for a number of different reasons whether it be stress, personal/family reasons, anxiety, commitments or health reasons etc. Whatever the reason may be I fully respect authors and their dedication to take what they need to complete their work as I would for anyone else no matter where they work (so long as the dedication exists).

The reason why I am discussing the subject is because now more than ever authors are increasingly using social media and blogs to interact with their fans but this is somewhat of a double edged swords for some authors as it opens them up to all sorts of backlash for not writing the books quick enough and people are not willing to wait anymore for the next book the series. I firmly believe that if an author appreciates their fans then they will not want to rush their next book in case they produce something sub par in comparison with what they previously written and unfortunately some people are unwilling to accept this fact.

If you are going to go out of your way to find out if an author you like has a social media account or blog then do not berate them with constant questions or abuse with regards to when they are going to release their next book. Being able to connect with authors on a personal level is a privilege and honor, not an expectation. Think back to simpler time when communicating with your favourite author was not this simple and remember that excitement you felt when waiting for the next book.

If you are going to contact, respond or be-friend an author then please remember to respect their process and method. Do not give them abuse just because you don’t agree with their process and unwilling to accept what they are doing may be the best possible course of action for their book so they can eventually produce the best the book and possibly more so their fans deserve.

So remember authors are people too and even if you are anxiously waiting on their next book they don’t deserve abuse because a book is taking longer than expected. Respect their process and only feed them good vibes because you never know what is round the next corner and what someone says may be that final straw for them (medically or personally).

If you have managed to reach this point of this article thank you very much for reading this article and hopefully I haven’t enraged and bored you with my words. All the above is purely in my own opinion and if you disagree please feel free to do so.

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