Veiled Intentions (The Dragon’s Blade #2) by Michael R. Miller

Rectar has always had his sights set on conquering the human lands. His demonic invasion of the west is gaining momentum – an unrelenting horde unhindered by food or sleep. Now, only the undermanned Splintering Isles lie between the demons and the human kingdom of Brevia. If the islands fall, the rest of Tenalp will soon follow.

The Three Races must work together if they are to survive, but they have another problem – Castallan. The traitorous wizard has raised a deadly rebellion and declared himself King of Humans. He believes himself safe in the bowels of his impenetrable Bastion fortress, but Darnuir, now King of Dragons, intends to break those walls at all costs.

To face these threats, all dragons, humans and fairies must truly unite; yet old prejudices may undermine Darnuir’s efforts once again. And as the true intentions of all are revealed, so too is a secret that may change the entire world.


Veiled Intentions is the highly anticipated sequel of The Reborn King. When I read and reviewed The Reborn King last year I thoroughly enjoyed it and sung its praises.
When I got the opportunity to read Veiled Intentions I quickly jumped at the opportunity to do so due to how much I liked The Reborn King and before I delve into my review all I will say is that this book certainly does not disappoint.

Veiled Intentions picks right up where The Reborn King left of. I really like it when authors pick up a story right where the previous book finished almost as if you are resuming from a natural point. That’s not to say that I don’t like it when authors do a time jump or pick up shortly because sometimes I find depending on an author’s style of writing, skill or the pacing of the book this can be with variant levels of success. Personally though I think no matter what we Michael R Miller choose to do this he would he do it brilliantly.
Veiled Intentions takes the writing, story, world and characters, and makes the all better in so many ways. Not only do we learn more about the characters we read about in The Reborn King but the author has now included some new POV’s and I think these were a breath of fresh air to the book as it allows us to learn more about the world as a whole and gives us a better understanding of everyone’s feelings towards whats happening. I’m not gonna tell you the names of the new POV’s characters as I think that will spoil some of the fun of reading this book but one of the them has certainly become a firm favorite of mine.

With new characters being introduced that opens us up to a whole part of the world that we had never explored before and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about these uncharted areas and give me the opportunity to learn more about the world and its inhabitants as well as see how the war was effecting the wider world. This helped bring a whole new aspect to the world building and this made just love the world it encompassed so much more.
I felt overall the flow of the story and the pacing was done very well but I do admit there were a few occasions where I felt the story was progressing a bit slower than I would have liked it to and others where I thought they progressed to quickly. Thankfully these where rare occurrences and overall I think the author did the flow and pacing of the book very well.
I was extremely excited to start reading Veiled Intentions but also a bit worried as sometimes sequels don’t always live up to the quality of the first book or to your own hype but I was glad to see that Veiled Intentions lived up to my expectations and more. If you are a fan of fantasy and you haven’t yet either of Michael R. Miller’s books then I would highly recommend you do so.

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