Samorlian Inquisition – Graham Austin-King

J P Ashman

To start my Samorlian Inquisiton– Author Interview series, Inquisitor Makhell has ordered the witchunters to drag in Graham Austin-King, author of The Riven Wyrde Saga. Now, this is a simple series of twenty questions per interview, which the inquisitor and I have hurled at dozens of fantasy writers. They all get the same questions, and we get to see the various answers these writers offer up. Let’s just hope the mad bastard, Makhell, leaves their fingers intact. They have to continue to write for our entertainment, after all. Anyhow, enough blathering from me, here’s, well, some more of the same from the man himself: Graham Austin-King.

1. If I gave you an elk, where would you hide it?

“In the wardrobe. If you can fit a lion, a witch, and a whole world in there then I can fit an elk in there.”

2. Why…

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