The Dragon’s Blade: The Reborn King

The Dragons Blade

“The Dragons Blade: The Reborn King” is Michael R. Millers first published book, in comparison to other first books I have read in the past “The Dragons Blade: The Reborn King” certainly doesn’t read that way. It has been written in a manner that would make you believe the author has been writing for many years and I think Michael R. Miller has done an exceptional job with this book.

“The Dragons Blade: The Reborn King” is one of the most enjoyable books I have read in months and I don’t think words can do justice to how good it is but let’s give it a try.

When you first step into the world of the “The Dragons Blade” you are given a small prologue that helps set up the mysterious character of Dukoona, this not only helps build an intrigue earlier but also helps set the pace of the book.

One of the most exceptional parts I found with the book is the characterisation, this is due to the characters personality being so diverse and acting how we would expect people to behave and react to certain situations. One of the characters this rang true this most for me is Darnuir. Darnuir is the prince of Aurisha and at first I found myself not liking him but then an incident occurs and leaves his future in the balance, it was from here I found myself liking him more and more as not only does he struggle to find himself but deals with vary circumstances from a new perspective.

As we follow Darnuir over the course of his life after the incident we are introduced to new POV characters and secondary characters. Sometimes this can bog down a characterisation and the book itself. Michael however manages to avoid this pitfall by only giving us what we need to know about the secondary characters and making the POV the star. I felt overall Michael’s method of characterization helps keep the pace of the book very fluid but also leaves you wanting to learn more about the characters.

The story has been beautifully crafted into something that not only gives us a great pace with great action scenes but also pulls you into its world with intrigue and mystery. The different character POV’s each hold their own air of mystery and as the story progress you are drip feed pieces of an already bigger mystery, this alone had me constantly at the edge of my seat and always wanting to know more. The story alone will grip you from the beginning and always leave you wanting to know more, this is especially true when it comes to Dukoona and the elusive guardian who has been missing for quite some time.

One aspect that intrigued me the most is the magic system as I have never came across one like it. Having magic in this world is a source of great power but with this power comes grave consequences as it can be addictive as it deadly. As you read the story you will come across many consequences where a user has become addicted to the magic or have suffered at the fate of overusing magic and this is what truly makes it so interesting to read about.

With all of the above in mind I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and there was many occasions where I wanted to keep reading, it will truly grip you and always leave you wanting to read more. This has been one of the most enjoyable books I have read in many months and I am already eagerly awaiting the second book in this series. I would highly recommend you read this book as Michael R. Miller has produced something of great measure and you will thoroughly enjoy reading it.

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