The Daylight War (The Demon Cycle #3)

The Daylight War

In honor of #DemonCycleDay being celebrated today(8th February) I tasked myself with finishing The Daylight War, I not only took great pleasure in reading this book but finishing it as it was filled with the same greatness I have come to see in Peter V Brett’s book.

When I talk to people about Peter V Brett’s previous books in this series most say that they loved the first one but then somewhat struggled with the second due to the structure of how the second book was done and to a certain extent I would agree, but this book greatly improves on that structure.

In ‘The Desert Spear’ we were presented Jardir’s backstory, now in the ‘The Daylight War’ we are presented the backstory of Inevera. Inevera’s backstory goes toward helping us understood who she is, who she obtained her role before she met Jardir and why she is the way she is. Some people might say that after reading this that they feel sympathy and understand why she acts the way she does and that it was her early life that has hardened her so much. This certainly was not the case for me, if anything this book made me dislike her character even more.

As well as not only progressing the back/current story of Inevera we also progress the story for Arlen, Renna, Rojer and Leesha, some of whom I have grown to like the more I see them grow and come into their own then there are some I have grew to dislike the more I read. This is no more so apparent with Rojer and Renna’s character progression.

With regards to Rojer he is the character I loved see developed most in this book as not only do we see him come out of his shell and be more confident but he also starts to stand up for what he believes in as well as showing his stripes as a true warrior.

When Renna was first introduced in ‘The Desert Spear’ I thought great we are getting someone who is going to fight alongside Arlen and allow us to some deeper into him when he fights through the night and help him start to see there is more to life than fighting and the cost it has. For me Renna has become a character I very much dislike as she is to quick to act on her emotions which has clouded her judgement many times not only in the midst of battle but also when talking to Leesha and Rojer. But the aspect of Renna that is making me dislike her so much is that she is so quick to try and become like Arlen she can’t see the bad of what she is doing and what it is slowly doing to her (for the bad I believe).

I am extremely conflicted about Leesha as there are some times I want to hate but then I think about her current situation and pressure. For me the characterization of Leesha is the strongest in the book as she is the the character I was drawn to the most in the book and I always felt my emotions rise and fall when she did which helps give us clarity and empathy with her character.

Now we reach Arlen and Jardir, what I can I so other than their progression and characterization of how they are changing is what made this book so great. Both have had their rise and falls, as I have had both at some point but now with this book we see them develop to a point where I can no longer decide who is right and who is wrong in what they do. Some methods used by Jardir are overly extreme but for some reason I am willing to forgive as I know he has a good heart and does what he does for the good of his people. Arlen also has troubles and sometimes you can see him falling back into old habits of wanting to take on the demon army all alone but yet again I can understand why he is doing it. The progression for both Arlen and Jardir in this book to second to none and I enjoyed every minute reading it.

The world building in this book is as always second to none and I always look forward to diving back into the world Peter V Brett has created. Each time I dive into one of his books I learn much more about the world and its people as well as their history. There was one occasion in this book in particular I noticed a nod to a pre-existing society that somewhat sounds like the one we live today and I loved this.

The only downside I found with this book was that some characters such as Inevera were slightly boring to read about and I felt some chapters were overly long, other than that I loved it.

With all of the above in mind I firmly believe that ‘The Daylight War’ is another stellar edition to Peter V Brett’s Demon Cycle Series and I greatly anticipate reading ‘The Skull Throne’ in the coming weeks…especially with that ending leaving such an immense cliff hanger.

I am going to give ‘The Daylight War’ eight caws out of ten.

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