Reading slump, Plans and Joined Review Team

Sorry for the extendeded time without any reviews of articles. Between work and Christmas the tail end of last year was a bit of a write off reading wise as I hit a major reading slump but on the plus side I got to watch some amazing films and TV :).

With that said its a new year and I intend to up the amount of reviews I upload to my blog this year. This will be a combination of finally starting/finishing a book series and reviewing pre-release books. 2016 is going to be an amazing year for books and there are some gems I can’t wait to read (e.g. Bands of Mourning and The Wheel of Osheim).

Not only will you see an increase in the books I review on my blog but I have also joined the review team over at This blog is run by Vikki Patis and I would highly recommend visiting her blog for some great reviews, articles and interviews.

Hope you all having an amazing year of reading and I look forward to uploading some more reviews for you.

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