Shadows Of Self (Mistborn #5)

Shadows Of Self

Before I start my review I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gollancz for sending me a review copy of this book and allowing me to review it for them.

Shadows Of Self is the second book in the second Mistborn trilogy. The second trilogy is sent 300 years after the events of the first trilogy and now the adventures of our heroes exploits are a thing of legend.

I have always been a fan of fantasy books but a few years I was really struggling to find something that really gripped me and a friend suggested Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn The Final Empire, what happened next really changed my outlook on fantasy and opened me up to a slew of new authors to read. From the moment on Brandon Sanderson quickly became one of my favorite fantasy authors and here I am today reviewing his new book Shadows Of Self, with that lets allomantically push forward.

This book picks up shortly after the events of The Alloy of Law. From the get go we are quickly drawn back into the world and we see not only the repercussions of what occurred during Alloy Of Law but what this has changed in our characters.

I found it great to be back in the minds of our main characters Wax, Wayne and Marasi as we continue to see their relationship develop and what has changed for them since the ending of The Alloy of Law. As usual the characterization Brandon Sanderson gives us is second to none and this is shown in all of the characters he develops and the quirks they each have. But without a doubt my favorite character out of them all is Wayne as not only is he a badass in his own right but his funny quirks really shine through, I especially love his method of obtaining items without stealing (exchanging items for something worthless but in his eyes he sees as “beautiful”).

I think the step up that Sanderson has taken for Marasi’s character was perfect as I believe she was somewhat under utilized in Alloy of Law but I suppose that was so Sanderson could she her growth in this book and it is quite evident that she has changed for the better. Marasi is now a more confident, strong and well rounded character.

As for Wax I don’t believe he changed all that much which is definitely for the better as I don’t think you could improve on the character he already was but it was really interesting to see some things from his past coming back to haunt him.

One negative point I will say about this book is that I felt the story progression was slightly slower than that of Alloy Of Law as it some points I think certain scenes could have done a lot quicker and I also felt some of the action scenes were smaller. But this is something I was also content with as from reading Sandersons books over the last few years I have come to expect this especially from Mistborn. The second book in the first Mistborn trilogy Well Of Ascension did the exact same type of story progression (political intrigue and uphevel) and then for the final book we got something that finished of in a great way and brought the story full circle.

One aspect of the book that really interested me was that we delved slightly into the past of both Wax and Wayne, this allowed us to see more of who they really are and I was completely shocked about Wax’s background and where he has come from. But I have become heavily invested and interested in Wayne’s past and we he has faced especially with regards to the events that causes him to visit a particular person once a month.

There are two particular characters that were introduced in this book that completely took me from left field with surprise. I was glad of this as I somewhat felt that this story needed a link to the past and it will be really interesting to see how the story develops with these characters identities known as well as how these revelations will effect the characters.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Shadows Of Self but just not as much as The Alloy of Law but as I stated this is something I somewhat expected. With this in mind I am thoroughly looking forward to reading and I am glad we won’t have to wait long for it as currently the next books Bands Of Mourning is due to be released in January next year.

With all this in mind I am going to give this book a half hearted high pitched Ravens CAW!!, roughly translated that means a 8 out of 10.

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