The Gospel Of Loki


When I first heard about The Gospel Of Loki I was very intrigued by the idea of the book…reading it was an entirely different ball game as it turned into a complete page turner for me.

Before reading this book I had some knowledge on Loki the Trickster so I was interested in the reading what information could change when Loki told “his side of the story”. Prior to reading this I noticed that some people have some unfavorable reviews towards this due to complete change of events that occur in the book and to them I say read it again but take it from a different perspective.

When reading this book I took it from the perspective that Loki wasn’t liked by a lot of people so any information we have on him might be completely untrue and I wanted to see what The Trickster had to say for himself. This made the book an extremely fun read and once I got into the swing of it I found it extremely hard to put down.

At it core this book had one extremely strong area and that was its characterization. Reading not only about Loki’s feeling but other key characters when certain events occurred was one of things that made this book great for me. I particularly had the most fun with the book when reading about the hatred between Loki and Heimdall  as I found it extremely amusing.

The interaction between Loki and the other key characters helped keep this book great and very interesting, especially when Loki planning revenge or a trick as it was great to read not only how far he would go to accomplish this but the effect it had on his “heart” (anyone else want to take a weed wacker to his heart).

Due to all of the above this made the story great and it always leaves you wanting more as even when a certain event, section etc had finished it always felt as though you knew there was more to come and it leaves you wanting more. This only helped strengthen my opinion of how great the book was and how much of a person turner it was.

With this in mind I would highly recommend this book to anyone and I will certainly do so as I know quite a few people who like Loki and would get a great kick out of reading this book.

With all this taken into consideration I am going to give this book a resounding high pitched CAW!!, roughly translated that means a 9 out of 10.

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