The Warded Man (Demon Cycle #1)

The Warded Man

This book has been awarded the longest time to read award by me. I started to read this in December 2013 as I had been wanting to start on this series for ages and I decided to pick it up. During my first sit down with the book I got approximately 50 – 75 pages into it and liked the premise as well as the world. But after that first sit down I picked up and set the book down so many times trying to continue reading it but between not being in the mood to read it, other books getting in the way and life generally getting in the way I faltered quite a lot. I also tried listening to this as an audio book and definitively decided that this definitely isn’t one for audio as I feel you have to actually read this book to truly appreciate the book and Peter V Bretts greatness.

When I finally decided a few weeks ago to dedicate myself to finishing this book I very quickly realised how stupid I was for not finishing this book sooner. The character and world you build in your head at the start of this book is an integral part of it and for anyone who is struggling with it  trust me when I say you going to want to finish this book. I feel this book has the perfect balance between giving you enough detail to fully appreciate the world, learning more characters and the all important great action scenes.

Once you fully find your feet in this book it will quickly become a page turner for you and you will look for every opportunity possible to read it, I certainly did. I recently purchased The Desert Spear so I am eagerly awaiting to start on that but I just haven’t found the right time and mood yet to set myself back into the world but when I do I know I will devour it and thoroughly enjoy it. One problem I now also face is that I want to try and read the third book in the series as well as the novellas before the release of the upcoming 4th book so I think this series will be getting my attention for the next foreseeable months. I really glad I found not only a brilliant first book but also a brilliant series and I commend Peter V Brett for his brilliant work and I am eagerly awaiting the release of The Skull Throne.

I am going to give this book a resounding high pitched CAW!, roughly translated that mean 9 out of 10.

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