The Power of Great Books

Over the last number of decades we have had some great books such as Lord of The Rings, 2001 Space Odyssey and Frankenstein to name a few. These books have become legendary in eyes of Sci-Fi and Fantasy readers and during the time these books were being produced great books came along once every so often. But now more than ever I have noticed that this is no longer the case and in turn Sci-Fi and Fantasy readers have a vast library of great books and authors to choose from.

When I first started to notice this to happen my first reaction was wow I’ve got so many great books to read and I can’t wait to experience their worlds, characters and story, but then after reading a few and finding more to read based upon the books I had read I quickly started to notice that having all these great books to read was making my TBR pile bigger.

I’m a member of goodreads as well as Sword and Laser and from looking on the forums this is definitely the case as people quite often mention adding a new book they want to read to an ever growing TBR pile. For example my own TBR pile a few months ago was approximately 55 books and currently it is now sitting at 80, I would try to read 1 or 2 books a month and looking at those numbers it shows that my reading pile doesn’t decrease but increase. This is because when we finish a new book a lot of us will commit to reading the rest in that series or other books by the same author thus making our TBR pile bigger.

So what’s changed? I think now more than ever we have more authors producing better books to compete in the current market and going on the basis of my current author list I think a lot more Sci-Fi/fantasy authors today due to a lot of people growing up with dungeons and dragons, Sci-Fi/fantasy TV shows and Sci-Fi/fantasy books so they in turn want to write their own. This coupled with the fact it is easier these days for someone to get access to the tools and methods to produce their own book.

Once you find one of these great authors I have found that you will eventually come across  the fellow authors they are friends with and want to read their work as well, this again in turn increases out TBR pile. In my opinion this includes authors such as George RR Martin, Brandon Sanderson, Mark Lawrence, Joe Abercrombie, Brent Weeks, Myke Cole, Robin Hobb, Brian McClellan, Django Wexler, Scott Lynch, Kevin Hearne, James SA Corey, John Scalzi, Andy Weir, Patrick Rothfuss and Michael J Sullivan. This probably shows that I favour fantasy over Sci-Fi but this is only a small portion of the great authors we have available to us as well as any future books these listed authors have lined up or novellas that are increasing our TBR piles.  If you wanted to read all the books by these authors alone this would put your TBR pile at 95+ books.

This is the power great authors/books have and I for one love it, yes we may have big TBR piles but it just means that we no longer have to look far or wait long for our next great read. I for one hope this never changes and will look forward to reading all the great books produced by great Sci-Fi and Fantasy authors.

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