Hounded (The Iron Druid Chronicles #1)

Iron Druid Chronicles #1

If you were to ask someone to name an Urban Fantasy series most people would either say Harry Potter or The Dresden Files. But one other I have recently discovered that also delves into this genre is Kevin Hearne and he does so with great skill.

The first book in his Iron Druid Chronicels is Hounded and what a book this is. Like most first books in a series you spend quite some time reading world building, character introductions and development, I sometimes find that in certain books this can be dragged on and boring but this is not the case with hounded as I actually found the character development and world building extremely enjoyable.

Once I picked this book up I found it very difficult to read as the books central characters Atticus and Oberon are very well written and developed. Atticus is a druid that has lived through many different eras in history in hiding due him being pursued by the Fae, he is quite a cool collected character with alot of wisdom and wit but you soon quickly find out that he is not to be triffled with as he is one bad ass powerful druid and isn’t afraid to fight as long as he isn’t the one starting said fight as he typically doesn’t like to fight. We then have Atticus’ dog, Oberon the irish wolfhound and I must say he is one of my favourite characters as he extremely funny to read about and I frequently found myself imagining him as a scooby doo type of dog even though he doesn’t have much fear.

As I’m sure you can imagine having an ancient druid partnered with an irish wolfhound in a modern Phoenix trying to live a normal life definitely isn’t issue and this is clearly shown with the all the trouble they get into and the hilarity that ensues this.

I was debating for a while as to whether or not to pick up this book and I am so glad I did as I have read both Harry Potter and the Dresden files and I believe The Iron Druid Chronicles is a brilliant addition to this genre but this more comedic aspects of certain parts is a welcome addition to a genre that is usually quite serious.

Kevin Hearne has just released book 7 in the series and to some having a book series that is already a few books into the series can be a bit of putting as it can require a lot of time catching up on the series and this is one of the reasons why I debated so long about starting The Iron Druid Chronicle series. But due to the size of each book in the series not being any longer than 400 pages and how enjoyable this series is to read I would highly recommend this series to any fans of urban fantasy.

With great ease I am going to give this book a rating of…

10 out of 10 🙂

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