The Final Empire (Mistborn #1)

Mistborn #1

This is a book that is very close to my heart as for a number of years I had stopped reading and very rarely picked up a book. Then a good friend recommended this book to me, so I thought I would give it a shot and see how good it was as, what I experienced in reading this book was nothing like I had ever felt before when reading.

From the start this book will draw you into its world, Brandon Sanderson’s world building here is second to none and it shows as I found it very easy to imagine the world that was being portrayed as well as being very detailed without being cumbersome.

As well as the world building the characterisation is exceptional, from the start you are drawn into Vin and Kelsier’s world and their minds. When a character grows you to grow with them as Brandon Sanderson makes you care for the characters and what they are going through.

The magic system in the book revolves around the digesting of certain metals to give you particular abilities and it shows that a lot of though went into the development of it. I enjoy the traditional trope of magic systems that quite a few books have but the one developed in the book is outstanding as it is very well constructed and you are always wanting to learn more about it and the properties each different metal has as well as strategies developed for them.

This book is a true page turner and without giving away any spoilers it will make you laugh, cry and angry due to how much you care about the world and its characters. All I can say is that are some truly brilliants shocks and twists in this book that once you finish it you will want to immediately pick up the sequel.

This book helped me re-find my love for books and it is for this reason I always highly recommend this book to anyone I know and it is a great book that everyone should read. Some people might not agree but I would put this on the same level of greatness as The Lord Of The Rings.

It is for this reason I am going to give the book five caws lol, which translates to ….

10 out of 10

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